The setting for the Residenz Bechtel Winery is a wonderful location in the south of Rheinhessen, in an area known as the Wonnegau. Manfred, the father, and his son Rainer, both master wine-growers, work together to preserve the traditions of a company that has been crafting top class wines for more than 250 years.

Manfred Bechtel is predominantly responsible for customer service while Rainer mainly looks after the wine-growing and finishing in the winery. Intensive work in the vineyard combined with the most up-to-date cellar management, skilful winemaking and storing and filling guarantee carefully cultivated wholesome, clean quality wines. In addition to quality- and Prädikat wines, the company also produces selection- and Barrique wines in red and white. To put it in a nutshell, these wines combine expert craftsmanship with a long tradition of wine-making.